5 Myths to Bust

Myth #1
Writing a Mini-Memoir takes too much time.
Sure, everything that is of value takes time. That is why you use my service to take overwhelming away and replace it with satisfaction.

Myth #2
It’s our second wedding we don’t need it.
Maybe it is your second or third marriage, but each person’s story is unique. You are passing on your personal narrative. No one else’s love story compares.

Myth #3
We do not have anything Special to share.
You chose Your Partner. Whatdoyamean that is not something special? Write about your dreams and goals. Or save your mini-memoir to open on your 1st year anniversary.

Myth #4
We do not have children or want to have them.
Writing about your special day is for you. Your history as a couple can be enjoyed by friends and relatives for years to come.

Myth #5
Ours is a low budget wedding.
Our wedding was too. We managed to  do everything for under $400. Check out my hourly rate for a small and fun idea!

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