Daily Check-In

I wish I had a blog that was updated daily where my wedding party could check in and make sure we are all on the same page. I want a checklist for each of my bridesmaids and my Matron of Honor. I want the Best Man to know what his “duties” are and be prepared. I do not want to have a “Hangover” scenario that is brought up every anniversary that is only funny to those who actually lived through it.

I want to know the date my cake needs to be picked up listed here. And a photo of what it is supposed to look like so we don’t end up with a surprise for all at our reception.


(photo courtesy of cakewrecks.com)


I want a place where  the dresses we picked out for my wedding party are posted. That way if we have an “itdoesntfitinalltherightplaces’ issue , the others can help out. And I can be none-the-wiser. I want a blog where the wedding planner has access so she can  head off any problems and put out fires. Is this too much to ask????

Aren’t there any online bridesmaids out there in the world that can help me?

Heaven would be a place where my blog is about me and my partner written by someone who truly “gets” me and understands me. I don’t have to know her KNOW her but she needs to be my kindred spirit. It won’t matter if I am in New Zealand and she is in the USA. That is the beauty of having an ONLINE Bridesmaid. Could we just talk via a FB call on my commute home from work? That would be ideal because I can feed 2 birds with 1 scone. I know MY online bridesmaid would be taking copious notes because I trust her. She can take me from strife to success with my wedding planning blog. So I am on a serious Hunt for someone that can fulfill all these wants, desires, NEEDS!

Do you know of anyone?

Why, yes…Little Dahling….. I Do!


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