There is something so Magical about weddings. From the time You say, “YES!” to the actual moment you are walking toward your partner. A Journey so precious. Don’t forget to put it into words. Not just your invitations, but a blog, a memoir, a keepsake for you and your guests. A Declaration of Intent.

Our Charming, Romantic town can be found at the beginning of the infamous Skyline Drive. People come from all over to see the truly majestic views during Fall. Our town, pictured above at Christmas time, is such a giving community. My husband is deaf without voice and we have been married for 2 years. We have an aspiring actress who lives upstairs in our spare room. She is 16 in a few weeks and besides food going missing, we would never know that she still lives here.

Writing is my thing, Dude, like some people love to play chess or knit or go hiking. I LOVE to capture people’s memories and get them down on paper. It’s Oral Tradition in print!

I am YOUR online bridesmaid. Sure you have friends taking care of your planning. Are they taking care of your Online Presence? From Blogs to mini-memoirs to favors, I got your back. And it is Baller!!!

Happily Ever After.